Are you aware that your mom is helping the spread of internet hoaxes?

Follow our LINE bot or join as one of our Cofacts editor.
Local moms need your protection!

Start busting hoaxes now

Follow our LINE@, and send any suspected hoax, scam, rumor, or urban legend to verify its truth.

Search by ID “@cofacts” or scan our QR Code to follow our Cofacts LINE@ account, forward any possible hoax, scam, rumor, or urban legend sources to it, then our chatbot will help you check the credibility of the source!


Write your own response and share your wisdom!

The responses a user see are also submitted by other users. Here we do not have all-knowing judges, only citizens who cooperate and contribute. Think others’ response not good enough? Is there something you’d like to find out but it has not been requested yet? Write your own response and help others!

Every suspicious source is sent from an user, which is open to public for examination and response. One single request can be responded by different people, allowing each response to take a step closer to unravelling its truth.


A war between hoaxes and facts.

The difficulties we face...

new messages entering our database each week.
people forwarding new messages to our database each week.
But less than
active editors can help us respond each week.
months we hold a gathering of editors.


Cofacts program encourages people to become part of a chatbot for helping others. With your research, you can add your hoax busting responses into our database to help people acknowledge its lies.


Anyone can verify and respond to other’s requests on possible hoax and upload it into our database. We encourage citizens to join our program, even invite your mom and dad to join.

Real-Time Response

Once someone respond to your pending request, the chatbot will answer you through LINE. It’s fast and immediate, you don’t even have to wait. Better yet, you don’t even need to say ‘thank you’. Ask the bot to verify for you, no need to feel uncomfortable asking it for favors.

Different Views

Knowing what’s fact and what’s an opinion. Seeing different sides of the story makes you realize your own blindspot, allowing everyone to respect each other’s perspectives.

Open Source Authorization

Codes of different patches, meeting records and database statistics are all opened to public. We encourage more open source data; work and share with others in a transparent environment, create different possibilities.

See what others have to say.

Join our open source community.

Cofacts needs all of you to help our current program to be more efficient and complete. This collaborate program cannot be completed by a small community, we need everyone to contribute, write codes, bust hoaxes and research. Self-motivated researching and responding is the way to transcend this program into something great.

We welcome everyone to join us, here is what we’re looking for.